Update #2


Here is Dr. Buckner's response to my letter.

What a refreshing attitude she has! This is very encouraging, and I am going to participate in her study.


Dear Sabrina:

I received your letter in November and read it with interest. I am studying relapsing polychondritis, as you may have heard from others. Presently my work is focused on understanding the genetic and immunologic aspects of the disease. As you know the role of diet in autoimmune diseases is an area of much interest to patients and physicians, but little is known in this area. I have heard several individuals with RP describe foods that they feel contribute to their symptoms, or who have found diet manipulation helpful. Additionally, there are scientists who are studying the role of the digestive system in autoimmunity. Presently, my work does not specifically address these issues. However as I discover how and what the immune system is responding to in RP I may be able to address these issues. If you are interested in participating in the study that I am doing, I would be happy to send you information on my work and how to participate. Thank you for sharing your experience with me.


Jane Hoyt Buckner, M.D.
Virginia Mason Research Center
Seattle, WA